Cindy Oswin


Cindy Oswin is a writer, performer and opera librettist. The many commissions she has received include – Shakespeare’s Globe for which she wrote the royal opening event, ‘The Triumph of Hope’; The British Library, ‘A Salon with Gertrude and Alice’; English National Opera libretto for ‘A Better Place,’ – composer Martin Butler.

In April 2022 her libretto for ‘Take Care’ – composer Douglas Finch, commissioned by Nottingham University, had its acclaimed premiere at Lakeside Arts Nottingham.

Cindy’s background is in theatre as an actor, director and writer. She has worked with many theatre companies including Paines Plough, Lumiere and Son, Rational Theatre, Scarlet Theatre, Leicester Haymarket, Derby Playhouse, and her own company, Salt Theatre.

For Shakespeare’s Globe, in collaboration with Mark Rylance, Cindy Oswin wrote and directed the royal opening event: The Triumph of Hope and The Masque of Heaven and Earth.  She also wrote short pieces called Jigs performed at Shakespeare’s Globe and the 42 Street Theatre, New York.

Solo shows Cindy has written and performed include Scenic Flights, co-produced with Paines Plough: One-Sided Wall at the Bush Theatre, London: A Salon with Gertrude and Alice, commissioned by the British Library and Cindy Oswin – On the Fringe, a performance/lecture illustrated by a collection of video interviews made with her contemporary theatre practitioners from the sixties to the eighties, in collaboration with Artsadmin and the British Library.

“Cindy taught me a number of techniques which I use before arriving at work, or before making a long phone call. Even after a short time, I noticed an improvement in my ability to vary my tone of voice and making my speech come across as I wanted. I would highly recommend doing a few sessions if you looking to make any speech related activity easier”

Cindy Oswin Voice & Presentation Coaching

• Presentation Coach on BBC TV’s ‘Dance Academy’

• The Book Trust

• Oxfordshire Health Authority

• Independent Consultant for the Office for Public Management and The King’s Fund

• One-2-One coaching with senior doctors and managers in the NHS.

” Voice Coach sessions with Cindy will help to give you confidence, vocal clarity and stamina in making professional presentations, speaking at meetings and one to one interviews, as well as social situations where you may be invited to speak.”