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“Cindy is the most inspiring voice coach I have ever met. The sessions are both practical and fun as a result of Cindy’s expertise in adapting the sessions to each individual. Her voice coaching has truly transformed my public speaking; in fact, at a recent conference, a senior academic remarked that she was struck by how improved my presentation skills were.I would recommend her coaching to anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills.”

Cindy Oswin

My Voice Coach

Building Confidence in Public Speaking

We know that all professionals these days at some point, have to speak in public.  For some people, this can be a daunting prospect.  Apparently fear of speaking in public is second only to fear of flying.  I don’t need to tell you that most fears disappear when confronted, so paying attention to how the voice works and learning some new techniques a positive route to successful communication and confidence in speaking in public.

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“Improving the impact of the voice is one of the single most important moves we can make in our own work and in helping others do their best work.”

Many Reasons Why

One of the issues that frequently occur in a career is often with the voice. People with high ability who are making an excellent contribution to the overall work, somehow don’t make the career progress their talents deserve.

I found one of the most important areas where people need help to improve their impact is the voice. No matter how able and hard-working you are in many work situations, you are not going to do well if you can’t make a positive impression when you speak.

  • Sometimes it’s a question of projection – if you can’t be heard easily, your contributions will be lost.

  • Sometimes it is speaking so quickly that people find it hard to grasp what you say.

  • Sometimes in meetings, you find yourself speaking too slowly so that people cut in and interrupt to hurry you along.

  • Sometimes your voice fails to emphasise the key points, or trails away at the end of sentences.

  • Sometimes you are so nervous you stumble over the presentation you have worked so hard to prepare and even lose your voice altogether!

My Voice Coach sessions will help to give you confidence, vocal clarity and stamina in making professional presentations, speaking at meetings and one to one interviews, as well as social situations where you may be invited to speak.

My 1-2-1 course online begins initially with a complimentary phone call so you can decide if it is right for you and I can assess your needs. We can then arrange a suitable time for your first half hour session on Skype or Zoom.  After the first session, I will email the written exercises for you to practise at home. Around a week later, you can book for another half hour session in which we will consolidate what you have learned so far. I will then progress your coaching and you will be sent additional exercises to do at home. We will have a phone call a week later to discuss your progress. You can then book more sessions if you wish. Often people find that two/three sessions are enough, with the possibility of coming back later to work on a specific speech or presentation.

Voice & Presentation Coaching


Learn Skills

“A very interesting and beneficial journey, not only did I gain skills on how to manage my voice and my pronunciation, but I also improved my listening skills.  Cindy helped me to tune my ear to the sound of vowels in the English language.”


Voice & Presentation

Your 1-2-1 Voice Coaching Session with Cindy will be via Skype and begins initially with a complimentary phone call so Cindy can assess your needs.  A mutually convenient appointment will be made for your first half-hour session.  After your session, Cindy will follow up with a further complimentary call.

How to Book

To book a 1-2-1 with Cindy click on the button below.   Each session costs £50 and is payable via BACs or card.  Once payment has been received Cindy will contact you to arrange your consultation.

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“Voice Coach sessions with Cindy will help to give you confidence, vocal clarity and stamina in making professional presentations, speaking at meetings and one to one interviews, as well as social situations where you may be invited to speak.”

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